A change of tack…..

So I am the worst person in the world at keeping up with blogging etc. However, it seems i do have some things to say, so be warned. From now on I intend to vocalise my innermost thoughts on here. They may be photography related, they may not. They may be funny, they may not. If its in my head it will go on the page. That’s the warning.


Now, in case you missed it this morning, here is today’s thought on (Poor?) David Moyes.


“First off can I say I know nothing about football. Secondly I have no bone in the Moyes In/Out fight.

That said, if the players are the same (near enough) and are still getting paid the same ridiculous money for their supposed skills. How can they all have got so crap in the past 10 months? Did Fergie tell them which boot to kick with and which foot to run on? Have they all had lobotomies? (honestly in the case of Rooney the jury is still out)

I don’t feel sorry for Moyes. Anyone following Ferguson would have got canned. If he gets his reported 5million payoff, I suppose he will just have to tighten his belt for a while, like the rest of us.

Maybe he should have shouted a bit more, maybe he should have thrown a few more boots. Maybe he should have told the owwners and management to sod off and let him get on with it.

Perhaps, rather than sack the manager, they should have clauses in the player’s contracts. Play like crap, get fired!

It only goes to show that Ferguson was a ego massager, counsellor of twits, hot air confidence blower & general all round highly paid ass kisser.

At the risk of encurring the wrath of many of my football loving friends, surely there are better things in this world to worry about.”

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