Telling Children About Richard Dawkins is Dangerous

Should we ban Richard Dawkins?

Telling children about Richard Dawkins could be dangerous for their health, claims common sense

According to a somewhat controversial notion of common sense, telling children about Richard Dawkins could be bad for their health and well-being.

According to his entry in the Daily Mail of June 4th (note at this point the writer is thinking we could also replace Richard Dawkins with the Daily Mail for this article) he has now warned us of the dangers of make believe.

Well heaven help us. Without make believe, where would imagination come from, where would the dreams of young minds, the lofty goals of kids come from? Who would we look to for inspiration to better ourselves? To look upwards from our own perspectives? Where would the new inventions of tomorrow be derived from? I don’t mean the reworked versions of the microwave, or the latest iteration of the iPod. I means the things that aren’t even thought of yet. They come from imagination and imagination is sparked by stories, of make believe. For yesterday’s make believe has been made into reality in some cases.

Some could say our generations of children could be inspired by people of today. Look to their peers. The Beckhams, the Dahli Lhamas, the Mother Theresas, The people we would wish ourselves to be. Sadly, I fear they are overwhelmed by the glut of other figureheads fed to us in the media who frankly I would not want my children to know about, let alone emulate. I would rather my kids believed themselves to be able to be Peter Pan than David Cameron.

“Is it a good thing to go along with the fantasy of childhood?” asks Dawkins. Well frankly yes it is, because its called CHILDhood for a reason Dick! It is a time of play, of fantasy, of fun and excitement. It will end all to quickly, without the need to ‘Foster a spirit of scepticism’ I believe the only thing we should be sceptical of is Mr Dawkins really.

He has also questioned whether we should let children believe in Father Christmas. Now even as a christian who believes that Christmas has become all about the latest playstation console and no longer about the birth of Christ, I see no harm in allowing children to dream about sharing gifts and spending time together.

Like everything in society these days everything can be taken and stretched beyond all recognition. Moderation seems to be a word missing from our vocabularies recently. We have to have it all, to have everything we want, believe, desire, even if that means someone else should go without.

Maybe we should look to teach our children about a fantasy world where we look at each other with equality, where everyone is fed, clothed, housed, welcomed, loved, respected with equal measure. Maybe that is something to get our children to dream about.

But according to Mr Dawkins, we shouldn’t be doing that. Because at the minute, that world only exists in the realms of Make Believe!

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