Whip Crackin’ Good!

Last Monday was a busy day. Kids off school, my wife’s birthday, family trip cancelled due to excessive snow around about. Then, just as we were getting finished up at Lou’s birthday dinner, I got a call from the Lyric Operatic Society. I’d done a job for them a week or so ago and was due to shoot the principles of their new production in the Crown Bar. Calamity Jane-1Calamity Jane-4-2Needless to say last Friday, I managed to get to Belfast, but I was the only one. Backup plan A, meet up at the final dress rehearsal on Monday night for a quick shot or 2 in the interval.Calamity Jane-5

Hilariously I got my times mixed up and managed to catch an hour of the show itself, which I have to say was excellent. If you missed it, tough luck and better watch out more next time.

Its great to see such professionalism and enthusiasm from amateur productions these days. To be perfectly honest, I’d have happily paid to see the show, from the brief bit I caught.

It was also great to see the spirit behind it all, that even despite the snow and chaos around, the show must go on! And go on it did!Calamity Jane Stage-3

For a review of the big night, check out http://lovebelfast.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/review-calamity-jane-new-lyric-operatic-company-at-grand-opera-house-belfast/

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